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If you are looking for a Christian Holy Spirit filled church, then:

Welcome to Freedom in Christ Church


We welcome you to join our services. We don’t have a dress code, so come as you are! If you are looking for a perfect church, we are not that, because we all have scars, and blemishes.  We all have a past, but the grace God has for us makes us righteous in His sight. We believe our sins are covered by the Blood of Jesus, which does not free us to sin, but frees us from the Spiritual consequences of our sin. 

If you look around our sanctuary on any given Sunday you can see families that were changed by the Word, families that came out of every situation you can think of. They were changed by the grace and mercy of God. If you are looking for a honest, loving church then come visit us. If you have children, we would love for you to visit our children’s tab to check out our children’s services.


‬‬Our services are:

Sunday morning at 10 am

Sunday evening at 6 pm

Wednesday evening at 7 pm

 You can find our past sermons on our YouTube channel by clicking the link below:



4042 Sycamore Grove Rd

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 17202


Phone (717)261-1931


Email – freedominchristchurch@yahoo.com




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