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 Dear Visitor,

I hope that you enjoy your visit to our website today. We are always looking for new members to come in and be a part of our church family. We are a community church and desire to reach out to let our friends and neighbors know the goodness of the Lord. Our church is currently in a growing process which includes expanding our outreach programs in the community.

You may be interested in our men and women groups which gives our members even more opportunities to get to know one another, and we have expanded our children and youth ministries so that each service now has something available for them, because children are our pride we have always worked hard to provide the best for them.

Our goal at Freedom In Christ Church is to provide a place that is literally Heaven on Earth, by having a spirit of unity and love. When this is done it makes for a peaceful atmosphere where God can, and will, move freely in all of our services.

Choosing a home church is a very important decision for a family to make. God desires that all of His children have a place to worship and to hear the Word which will cause them to grow spiritually. I extend to you a personal welcome to come and be a part of our family today. The ultimate decision however, is between you and your Heavenly Father. He will guide you and lead you to the place of rest and peace.

I am always available for a meeting to answer any questions that you might have about me or our church. Just contact me at the following phone number and we can get together. God bless you always.

Church: 717 261-1931

Pastor John Pogue

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