Mission Colombia

Our passion for Colombia started 12 years ago we had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Bogota. While we were on the trip we met many people that that we really fell in love with. On the way home the mission leader at that time  told me that they were leaving the church. Darlene and I felt in our hearts that someone had to pick up and continue the missions in Bogota Colombia. We went to Pastor John and I asked if someone could continue to go into Bogota. At that time we were blessed that he asked us if we would be willing to continue to go in to Bogota and represent Freedom in Christ Church. On our first trip to Bogota we met Sara she was 14 at the time and we asked her if she would like to come to America. We came home and met with Pastor John and shared that we felt in hearts that we would like to bring this young lady to America to go to school. Freedom in Christ Church was behind us 100%. At that time Sara came to visit for 30 days. We then brought here again that summer and she spent a more than a year going to Shalom Christian School, and learning how to speak English. She did so well that someone thought she was from United States. Once Sara returned home to Colombia she has completed nursing school and now is working in a hospital in Bogota. We have been so blessed to have pastors and their families from Bogota come and stay with us and to minister in our church. We also been able to take many members of our church into Bogota over the past 10 years on mission trips. One trip to Bogota we took shoes for the children, the look on the children’s faces, because it was the first time that many of the children had new shoes. We’ve also taken school supplies on several trips.

Brother Jay